Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Linen Dress for Summer!


It's getting the Summer again. I have made the summer linen dress for house work..

The pattern is from 'Stylish Party Dresses by Yoshiko Tsukiori'.

It seems I made a little wrong side - one size bigger.. If you look at this dress, it looks like maternity dress..
However this dress makes you feel cool.. maybe good for someone is pregnant. ;-)

So! I have made a 'Belt' for more little tight.

I quite like this dress when I worn. Quite romantic skirt ..
Also it's very easy to make. :D
(Fabric is from Indian fabric shop - they have a good range of summer fabric - of course!)

Have a nice evening!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

She wears the pants

Good evening,

'She Wears the Pants' - quite straight forward title.. anyway, I have made the square top from this book!

This is what I made~!

I wanted to have a top without prints for my gaucho pants. I am so pleased the result. I have bought the fabric after my haircut locally and the fabric is woven type. I could wear this top all the season and also it could be wear the night out. (Unfortunately I hardly do night out as... I will feel sleepy at 22:00! )
When can I wear this top.. So happy to think about making more gaucho pants for this top now!

Have a nice evening,