Monday, 6 March 2017

Winter Check Gathered Skirt


I have been to Japan whole a month over the new year!
Luckily near my family home, there is a craft shop where selling fabric as well.
So! I have got check fabric as a sales price and was less 1000 yen.
After came back to UK, of course I made the skirt..

Also I have got the new sewing book from Japan which called 'The most easiest fashionable sewing book in Japan'. Great.. actually this is a very good sewing book!

The good thins is easy to make and fashionable.
Then I used this.. just got an idea of using the elastic of 5cm!

This is very simple sewing blog, I had to add lining and pockets! and I was satisfied the result. :)
Inspired by the current fashion is what I like.. ;-)

Have a good night,

Friday, 3 March 2017

Butte rick B5982 Yellow dress

I have made this yellow dress last year and this was also used Butterick B582 pattern.

Where did I go with this dress? We.. I went to Windsor castle. ;-)
Also I realised I didn't have any matched earrings - I made this.

Going to castle with this kind of dress makes me feel 'old days'. Old castle and old style dress. :D
I can't wait Summer..

Have a nice Friday!
P.S. Actually the dress of previous post(Flower Summer dress, I also put it and went to castle. And I enjoyed Tower Tour!!)